Iurii Chernich

Sr. Product Manager

My primary function is to ensure the company’s products meet the needs of stakeholders

Strategic planning

Data-driven decisions

Design thinking

Product Roadmap

Why you need Product Manager

Because Product Manager leads the agile development team and manages the product

Quality Services

The product owner has to critically analyze problems and identify possible solutions quickly. Backlog management, for instance, requires analytical skills because the PO must prioritize items in the backlog. Identifying which items to prioritize based on their relevance, importance, and linkage with other items in the backlog is a task that can’t be done without analytical skills.

Project On Time

The product owner plays a vital role in technology, software, and product development.


As a product, I also bear informal - moral responsibility for my decisions, i.e. the need to follow the norms of human relations, the mechanism for the implementation of which is the corporate culture.


Non-standard approaches to solving problems when working with a group of software developers and protecting the interests of the customer.
Continuous professional self-improvement and team training

What do product owners do?

For any given product development project, product owners are the predominant stakeholders

Vital role

Product owners develop and meanwhile set the program priorities, supervise and maintain the product backlog.

User stories

The product owner congregates user stories - interpretation/narrative of the software from the customer’s perspective.


He understands the requirements from the clients/customers and communicates the same to the development team.


They are the managers of strategy, tactical execution and vision connected with product development.

My book

If you look at the modern world, it is safe to say that it has been captured by the technological revolution. There is a continuous introduction of innovations in it, and in these conditions the questions arise:
1. Is the Agile Manifesto still as relevant as it was twenty years ago?
2. Should it still be followed in the form in which it was created?
3. Isn't it time to optimize the Manifesto and bring it in line with the requirements of the time?
In order to answer these questions, I summarized my own experience, and the experience of others in managing IT projects, on the basis of which I consider in my book the pros and cons of agile framework.
Agile appeared primarily because of the need to find common ground between agile methodologies, in particular Extreme Programming, Scrum, DSDM, FDD, BDD, Crystal Clear and other platforms.
If we compare Agile with classical Project Management (PM), when the project is strictly regulated by pre-established requirements (contracts), then the flexible project management method implies not only responsiveness, but also flexible adaptation to external and internal changes. This is achieved primarily through iterative product development and effective interpersonal communication.

My experience

  • Collaboration with C-level management and stakeholders
  • Definition of the vision, strategy and roadmap for products
  • Definition and tracking of KPIs, implementation of OKRs
  • Recruit, build, manage and lead a team of Product Managers and POs
  • Coaching and mentoring the Product team in OKRs, goal-setting, effectively writing specs and user stories, prioritizing requirements, analyzing product data, and developing product strategies
  • Built an interviewing framework and candidates scoring for Product area
  • Successful launch of new products (Employee Portal, Time Tracker)
    Integration of 3rd party solutions (SAP, ECM, Surveys) into the ecosystem
  • Complete redesign of the Payment Settlements and Billing modules
  • Migration of legacy system to the web
  • Use design thinking to constantly challenge status quo and drive innovation
  • Negotiation and balance between multiple competing resources and objectives
  • Management of Wara ERP & Syscom CRM enterprise software development and implementation in 10 leading in their industry companies of Bolivia
    Involved in the product development and implementation process by performing the following activities:
  • Collaboration with stakeholders during product vision and concept development
  • Business cases analysis, creating user stories, epics, prioritizing tasks in the development process
  • Design of detailed specs, wireframes and mockups of the product's features and functionalities, so that development teams can understand them
  • Responsible for establishing, prioritizing and accepting the work performed by the team to ensure most valuable and correct functionality of the product
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders using Agile and Scrum methodology to analyze the needs and align the product roadmap with the strategic objectives
  • Creation and updating of schedules, product roadmap and project backlog
  • Identification of user needs, collection of functionalities requests, sprint coordination and deployment planning
  • Creation and presentation of progress reports, productivity, times, KPIs
  • Real estate company selling land using MLM (multilevel marketing) system
    As CEO I was in charge of aligning the company's processes in 4 business sections:
  • Clients: creation of concepts and pricing policy for product range, analysis of marketing communications with the help of the marketing department
  • Personnel: setting objectives for the company, creating the organizational structure of the office, motivating personnel, optimizing personnel. Management of more than 500 people (internal staff and external vendors).
  • Finance: creation of an analytical model for the analysis of the deviations of the financial indicators of the company from the average values, analysis of the budget income and expenses, creation of an analytical model of scenarios for the development of the company. Presentation of reports to shareholders
  • Processes: regulation, optimization and automation of company processes, creation of a matrix and function manuals, creation of report forms
    As Product Director I was in charge of:
  • Creating the company from scratch and start it up, starting with the legal constitution, registration in public entities, obtaining licenses and permits, opening bank accounts
  • Budget planning, business plan, negotiation with suppliers, organizational design, business system design, business development in general
  • Analysis and modeling of business processes
  • Selection and approval of the project team, its leadership, interviewing new members, motivation and support, holding meetings
  • Establishment of technical specifications for software developers
  • Audit of business processes and recommendations for the implementation of new technologies to optimize business processes
  • Digital marketing agency and IT implementation consulting
    Performed the following functions:
  • IT product and functional consulting (use of Agile Scrum Methodology)
  • Product Management of solutions in the real estate field, for Real Estate systems
  • Management of internal development teams and suppliers
  • Management of the dialogue between IT and the different areas
  • Forecasting, planning, monitoring, testing and reporting
  • Taking requirements, functional analysis, time and cost assessment, tests and demos


    Fluent (speaking, reading, writing)


    Fluent (speaking, reading, writing)


    Native (speaking, reading, writing)









    Head Office



    Happy client is the main rule

    Antonio Hurtado

    We worked together on the ERP implementation projects and I recommend Iurii as an excellent specialist in the field of product and project management. During the year we launched 4 different projects

    Genesis Castro

    Iurii launched the Oga Network company from scratch. A year and a half later, the company already had over 1,000 agents and I recommend him as a Head product manager for organizing large groups and multinational level companies

    Michael Bishman

    Together we have developed a whole system for shops and businesses. Everything was handed over to the customers on time. We still celebrate Labor Day together and I hope that we will work together in the future






    Iurii Chernich - Sr. Product Manager

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